Auberge la Fontaine aux Bretons



The name « La Fontaine aux Bretons » dates back to the time of the Bretons Pilgrims who went to Santiago de Compostela. They stopped here to refresh themselves at the fountain, which is now in the center of the vegetable garden. This short halt allowed them to regain their strength to continue their journey.

1897: Completion of the Juvénat Saint-Joseph building, huge building overlooking the ocean. For more than 70 years, it welcomed between 100 and 200 young religious, brothers of “ St. Jean Baptiste de la Salle”, destined for teaching.
1903: Construction of the St Joseph farm today “the Auberge la Fontaine aux Bretons”. This farm was used by the religious brothers for culture and livestock, which allowed them to live in total self-sufficiency.
You will notice the presence of a water tank along the stone wall In the vegetable garden.
It was used to store rainwater for irrigation of crops.
1974: Closing of the Juvénat, due to lack of staff. The farm continued to operate until the end of the 1980s. The production was then destined for external consumption, sold partly on the site. That same year, the Saint Michel association was created. The Juvénat becomes a holiday center, still active today.
1996: Purchase of the old farm of the Brothers by a private investor, Michel Pavageau, the current manager of the Auberge La Fontaine aux Bretons.

1998: Fall: work begins.
1999: At the end of April: the Auberge la Fontaine aux Bretons opens its doors with its restaurant, its *** residence and its various rooms dedicated to seminars and receptions.

March28 2009: the Auberge la Fontaine aux Bretons, which has become a must in Pornic, celebrates its 10th anniversary and receives more than 1,000 people: customers, partners, suppliers and friends.


“Succumb to charm and magic, this place tells you a story of the past, a tale straight out of childhood.
The exposed stone walls rub shoulders with wooded mezzanines and centuries-old beams. Furniture of another time, comfortable sofas in ochre colours, fireplace, … everything gives this magical place a soft and intimate atmosphere. Here nature blossoms in harmony with buildings full of history.
A true and authentic setting to revive the past, evoke odours and forgotten things … to feel a little like home.
More than a charming hotel in Pornic, a haven of peace!


The ocean and nature have taken possession of this domain bathed by spray and greenery. Throughout the seasons, the garden, vineyards and pastures show a new face that is both authentic, mysterious and generous.

First of all, the Auberge gives a glimpse of the wide area from which one can guess the island of Noirmoutier and then surrounds the rows of vines where the Chenin and the Grolleau bloom. As they get closer, the enclosure wall reveals the extent of the garden, the pastures where the animals reign in peace. Little by little the garden offers all its treasures: along the flowered alleys, the pear-trees cut in cordon bloom in the autumn, the roses, clematis and other perennials open in spring, while the vegetables ripen in turn.

Behind, the barnyard, the sheep of the Landes de Bretagne, the donkey, the calf, the rabbits and the goats of the ditches gambol and make this place live like the farms of yesteryear.
The nearby ocean invites you to stroll along “Douaniers” trail (Custom officers path) where the famous fisheries, emblems of the coast of Jade, are found.

When the Atlantic coast rhymes with unique, magical and authentic!
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In the closed vegetable garden, the flowered alleys lined with pear trees cut in cordon frames the flowerbeds of vegetables intended for the kitchen of the Auberge.
Terraces paved or grassed, flowers of rosebushes, clematis, perennial plants and partitions of wicker, ensure the transition between the building and the surrounding gardens.
Behind the sunset terrace, the swimming pool and the pond planted with water lilies are spaces conducive to relaxation or farniente.